Your life is in danger. Who do you turn to for help?

Ryan Tate is running for his life after discovering illegal med-tech experiments by his billionaire boss Alexander Tate. Ryan’s network of fellow Obama Administration alums steps up to help, including immunologist and Krav Maga martial arts expert Tracy Hill and tech wizard Hassan Dhillon. Defense attorney Gabi Rodriquez will be a harder sell as she’s still smarting over her bitter breakup with Ryan.

This “League of Extraordinary Wonks” soon discovers there’s more at stake. The advanced, unauthorized tech Tate is about to deploy—a topical patch wirelessly connecting the patient’s neural pathways—will likely be used to give the narcissistic billionaire unthinkable power. The clock is ticking. These Obama veterans must work as one not just to save Ryan's life but humanity itself.

From Patrick Ross' novel in progress.

Patrick Ross, author, photo by Lauren Radack

Photo by Lauren Radack

Meet Patrick Ross, award-winning author

Patrick is a professional storyteller. Whether stalking the corridors of the U.S. Capitol as an award-winning investigative reporter, speaking at conferences around the world as a tech policy advocate, or serving as a senior communications official in the Obama Administration, Patrick brought creativity and passion to everything he wrote.

For more than a decade, Patrick has applied the lessons learned in his Master of Fine Arts in Writing program by producing award-winning works of creative writing. His current project is a thriller set in San Diego featuring a colorful cast of characters inspired by his years working for the 44th President.

Meet Patrick

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